1 year: Emotional tribute to Francis Atsu Vondee by Dzidefo the Poet

Is been a year since our brother departed this earth on alongside Ebony and Franky

Francis Atsu Vondee is a native of Adidome in the Volta Region. His commitment and passion for his work makes him outstanding even if others lack the zeal. He motivates, advice and practice what he preaches. His nickname “Sexy the body” has grown to be a household name since its invention in the gym. Dzidefo the Poet, known as Amu Simon put this piece together as a way of keeping his memory alive. Read below..

Babaa, Norvi,
Babaa nao.
Babaa, Francis Atsu Vondee,

Oh, oh, oh,
Ame kae le konyi fa ge kpli mi?
Ame kae le mior adatsi wo tutu ge na mi?
Me nye alea ebui o dei, Norvi,
Me nye alea edoe o dei
Gake Hmm…Mawu deka, koe nya!

You were such a gentle soul,
You lived life, protecting souls
As a fireman and as a soldier
With the loyalty of a toddler
Those who know you,
Know, you to be cool
So as you sail across the stream,
May serenity be with thee

Death, is indeed inevitable,
This damage is irreparable
Death, is a dreadful predator,
Hmmm, the unfairest allocator
Death, reaps fruits it never nurtured,
Image, your agony is unmeasured

Oh, Francis Atsu Vondee!
So, is this it? How? I mean, why?
Oh! What a prime life,
Lived, but this short while?

Death, can be very unnatural!
It breaks bonds mean to last,
Cuts big dreams short
And replaces joy with grief

Francis Atsu Vondee!
Sexy the Body!
What about the plans,
Those big plans?

We shall miss you forever
We shall miss you brother
Your memories shall reign eternal
For you were but one, of a kind

Your life was so inspiring,
But it was indeed, too short-living
Your passion for music was great
And you were so so amazing

So though you left us in pain,
Though we may never meet again,
We pray, you sail in peace
We pray, you rest in His bliss

Babaa, Francis Atsu Vondee!
Sexy the Body! Image!
Dzidzor, le mavormavor me, Norvi.

I feel like we are not doing enough to remember this statesman who dedicated his vigorous life to protecting lives. You know what, I strongly believe the lost one warrior puts the lives of thousands at risk. Look, he was protecting a civilian and he died in the line of duty so whatever someone have to say, this guy is a hero and those of us who know him will continue to regard him as such…

Yes, we will remember him as a hero. Vondee is a hero.


Babaa is a spoken word tribute to Francis Atsu Vondee, and can be played on soundcloud using the link below.

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