15 things Africa pastors have used to conduct ‘healing’

With seeking spiritual healing being the only option to turn to when all known medical interventions have failed, many have had to go through a lot of pain, suffering and psychological torture at the hands of pastors who use comical antics in ‘curing’ medical conditions.

Salvation Healing Ministries’ Victor Kanyari has been by far the most widely known ‘healer’ whose methods were but a fantasy that worked on a select group of people only.

His ‘healings’ were stage-managed, well planned and executed in the presence of the congregation.

Let’s have a look at some of the methods used by the ‘spiritual healers’ from Kenya and the rest of the continent as well.

1. Use of Potassium Permanganate

This was a method put to use by one of Kenya’s most cunning spiritual leader Victor Kanyari. In a 2014 investigative story run by KTN, Kanyari was exposed using the liquid to wash the feet of members of the congregation to claim that blood was oozing out of their feet. The oozing of blood was what he termed as a ‘sign of healing’.

2. Boiled water

In a show of might and power, South African pastor Thamsanqa Sambulo spectacularly poured boiled water on himself and a member of the congregation. Unfortunately, the demonstration turned disastrous as he had to spend the next couple of days on a hospital bed nursing burns from the hot water.

3. The Daniel stunt

A Mount Zion General Assembly church leader Alec Ndiwane tried to pull off a Daniel stunt by running towards a pack of lions while on a tour at a park with other church leaders. He would however live to regret the move as he was mauled from behind by the jungle king. He wanted to show how God would save him if he approached a group of lions but the lions’ hunger likely superseded his faith in God.

4. A 40 days’ fast that never was

As captured in the Bible, Jesus fasted for 40 days. A south African pastor’ Alfred Ndlovu attempted the feat but ended up going to his maker on the 30th day of the dry fast. He managed a whole 30 days without food but sadly trampled upon death just 10 days to what would have taken him straight to the annals of history and the record books. He holds the record of the longest ever fast in modern times but sadly; he never lived to see the record stand and will never see it broken.

5. Insecticide spray

A Limpopo pastor in South Africa, Lethebo Rabalago, used the Doom insecticide to spray into the eyes of his followers in a demonstration of how healing works. The unfortunate congregation had to then deal with itchy eyes for a couple of days even as they awaited the ‘healing’ as promised by the cunning pastor.

6.Woman crushed with speaker

Rabalago was again brought under the spotlight when he crushed a member of the congregation with a speaker in August 2017 in a demonstration of how God protects his people.

7. Stepping on pregnant woman’s abdomen

Ghanaian church leader of the International Godsway Ministries Bishop Daniel Obinim was videotaped stepping on a pregnant woman’s abdomen to exorcise evil spirits. The video caused a stir and the leader was brought under the spotlight for the incredulous act.

8. Pulling men’s genitals

Bishop Obinim was once again caught on camera pulling men’s genitals in a disturbing move to heal them of erection malfunctions during intercourse.

9. Congregation forced to eat snakes

South African pastor Penuel Mnguni of End Time Disciples in South Africa created a scene when he forced his followers to eat snakes which, he said, were chocolates for them.

10. Running congregants over

Mnguni again hit the headlines when he drove his car on top of a sleeping congregation in what he termed as a show of power.

11. Drinking petrol

The infamous Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Ministries of South Africa asked his congregation to drink petrol which he claimed to have purified and had been turned into pineapple juice.

12.Eating grass

Pastor Daniel again hit the headlines with another of his incredulous antics when he instructed his congregation to eat grass. It was a move, he said, that would bring his congregation closer to God.


Praying for congregant’s underwear

Pastor Paseka Motsoeneng of Incredible Happenings Ministry in South Africa was caught on camera praying for a follower’s underwear for healing.

14. Inserting finger in female members genitals

In Nigeria, Way Evangelistic Ministry’s Adekule Kayode came up with very obscene ways of ‘checking virginity’ when he inserted his fingers in a woman’s genitals to check if she was a virgin. He would however regret the act after he was arrested by the Nigerian Police.

15. Selling reflector jackets to congregation

Nigerian pastor Lazarus Mouka of the Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries hit the headlines when he sold reflector jackets to his congregation saying they were bullet proof and would also offer divine protection.



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  1. hahhaaaaaa interesting piece… this is how our Africa pastors have brought us….i think is about our mentality…and mostly women…

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