18 year old shs student beaten to death by his teacher

An 18 year of age student, Samuel Abeka has met his untimely death days after he was beaten seriously by a teacher in his school. Samuel is an SHS 2 student of Larteh Presby Senior High Technical. According to his grandpa Stephen Mensah, on Sunday, he had made a trip to Kumasi when a friend of his sent him a beaten of his grandson after he had been beaten seriously by his teacher.

The boy had a few traces on his body and had gotten back to Accra from school sick. His grandpa got back to Accra days after the fact to find his grandson injured in a Clinic in Accra. Two days later he passed on. The grandpa walked to the school to confront the authorities of the school. The school authorities tried to persuade him to treat the case cheerfully between the school authorities and the family yet Stephen Mensah didn’t surrender to that.

He revealed the case to the Police and the body of the young man has been taken to the police clinic. A post-mortem examination will be directed to decide if he kicked the bucket because of the severe beatings or then again if something different killed him.


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