22yr old boy aggressively rap3d by two ladies, lands him in hospital

The crime is becoming more and more common in the country located in West Africa. In Guinea, a new rape was committed against a young man aged 22. According to local media, the young man is the victim of two somewhat advanced ladies. Here is his testimony.


“I was leaving school, I was looking for a car to go home to Lansanaya, when a car parked, a lady who was inside said to me, my son where are you going? I told him I’m going home. She told me let’s drop you off. Once in the car, she took me to a house. There, I said to her, Mom, what am I doing here? I want to go home. She said, my son don’t be afraid. If you see you’ve been sent here, it’s to sleep with me. I told him, I can’t do that, you are the same age as my mother.”



“After she told me that I have no choice, because if I don’t, she will scream. And when she screams people will come and she will say that I was raping her. Revealed the victim before continuing the astonishing account of his rape. The young man after this first forced sex act was again forced to have sex with a second lady, the latter claiming to be a friend of the first.”


“Now after the act, another woman comes directly, she told me that it is her comrade, who also has the same desire, I told her that I am tired, she told me that it will be okay , we’ll give you a pick me up. I started too, meanwhile passed out and woke up in a clinic. When I woke up, they told me that it was a woman who sent me there, saying that she is my mom,” explained the young student of 22 years.” The information is currently going around the web. Hopefully justice will echo it and rightly punish the culprits.


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