Afenyo Markin using police to scandalize me: Kofi Annan laments bitterly


The Parliamentary Candidate for the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) in the Effutu constituency, Dr. James Kofi Annan is making claims, his contender, Mr. Alexander Afenyo Markin is using police personnel in Winneba to scandalize him.
At a press conference in Winneba, Dr. Kofi Annan revealed that a prominent sub-chief in the Central Region, (name withheld) donated an amount of GH¢100,000 to support his association “Winneba is King Movement” for specific activities in the Efutu constituency.
This was before his declaration as the Parliamentary candidate for the NDC.
The money, according to Kofi Annan was paid in two equal installments, one on the 4th of February 2020 through the Consolidated Bank Ghana and the other on the 7th of February 2020 via same bank.

Dr. Annan again revealed that he received a phone call from the Criminal Investigation Department(CID) in Winneba instructing him(Kofi Annan) to report to the Winneba district police Commander in connection with the deposits made to his account.
He added that upon arrival the said CID informed him(Kofi Annan) and his team that a man by name Ackah has lodged a complaint to the police that someone had wrongfully lodged money into his(Kofi Annan) personal account and that he was seeking a refund of the said money.
“All this while, the police administration, unknown to me and without any discussion with me, had secured a court order and had managed to procure my bank statement from the Ghana Commercial Bank(GCB) Winneba branch” Kofi Annan lamented.

This, he explained, was obviously a breach of faith as nothing of that sort had been discussed with him.
Dr. Annan observed that his checks further revealed that the Identification(ID) card used in registering the above telephone number appeared to be nonexistent and that both Benjamin Ackah and John Banafo as well as the postal address used in registering the company, appears to have links with the Parliamentary candidate of NPP, Alexander Afenyo Markin.

“My preliminary investigations tells me that the said company, Petrinock Investment Enterprise and its attendant account were deliberately set up primarily to wage a smear campaign against my person and to find something of smear value against me since my opponent has so far failed to get any single scandal around me” he added.
Dr. Annan therefore protested at the conduct of the Ghana Police Service in Winneba and dared the administration to extend their investigations to include all the persons he (Kofi Annan) has mentioned, in order to arrest those behind the scheme rather than their vailed attempt to focus on an innocent person.
“Somebody should tell my opponent, Afenyo Markin that he will not get any scandal around me unless he manufactures some for me” he warned.

Source:Hajia Hassan

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