Angry Church members chase pastor for defrauding them

Some angry church members of the Jesus Favour Chapel International are up in arms against their pastor for allegedly duping them of various sums of monies.

The church members who stormed the Takoradi Police station to file complaints are alleging that their Pastor, Rev Richard Owusu, also known as Rev Bohyeba asked them to bring amounts of money in exchange for lotto numbers which they can stake to make more money.

The church members which include people who traveled from Sunyani and Ho to attend his service after watching him on the Multi TV said the man of God claimed he had the power to give people instant money and hence demanded everyone travels from far and near to meet him.

Rosemary who was convinced the Prophet can double her money traveled from her base in Sunyani to Takoradi with his husband with the hope of getting their monies doubled by the man of God.

“I watched Bohyeba TV two weeks ago. When he appeared on the Bohyeba TV, he said that anyone who is suffering hardship should come to him for help, I watched him on Wednesday and I came on Friday with my husband but he took our monies and have still failed to give us the lotto numbers…,” she narrated.

According to Rosemary, she and her husband paid a total of GHC 2,600 to the man of God with the hope of getting lotto numbers to stake to make more money.

However, this did not materialise leading them to demand a refund of the amount of money but they were not given.

Another person who also gave his name as George said he went to the church premises on the 19th October, 2018 after watching the man of God on 16th October.

He claimed that he also paid GHC 2,000 to the Ushers at the Church after the Man of God came to demand they pay that amount of money in order to get their lotto numbers.

“We slept at the church premises but still didn’t see any sign of lotto numbers…the following day, he came and demand that we pay another offering on GHC 200 which I did but still didn’t see any sign…,” he said.

Watch some of the residents complaining below:

According to George, attempts to see the man of God for a refund of his money proved futile as the wife whom they did not name prevented them on several occasions.

Angered by the action of the Pastor’s wife, George said they decided to report the case to the Kwesimintim Police with the hope that the police can help them get their money back from the man of God.

The Pastor will however not want to comment about the whole issue when the media contacted him.

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