Are you aware of what is happening to the youth? Disappointed’ chairman Wontumi fumes


Chairman Wontumi is known as the youth’s person. Chairman Wontumi blends among the youth and makes them as happy as he can. As a result, a decision by the youth and against the youth disturbs him a lot.

Chairman Wontumi whiles speaking today revealed that the government should listen to the cries of the youth because he personally thinks it’s important.

What he wanted to see being done since he is someone who has been in the position of these youth is that they should be spoken to and calmer in these tensed moments. Chairman revealed that he knows that the youth are on the heart and mind of president Akufo-Addo.

He claims he knows that the Ndc will politicize this and make it look as if the Npp or Nana Addo is at fault but he knows that’s what every party without anything important for the country would do.

Are you aware of what is happening to our youth today because of poor roads and no jobs and many others? That’s not because the Npp or Nana Addo didn’t do or isn’t doing their work well. But rather, it’s because the Ndc managed to destroy half of what Ghana already had before they left office- He angrily declared.

Chairman Wontumi claims the Ndc have done well in destroying everything and mostly influencing the youth to cause certain pandemonium in the country. But he claims he knows that things will turn around and those pointing fingers shall be shamed.


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