Artistes Who Show Off Their Wealth Lack Talent- Stephanie Benson

Princess Akua Ohenewaa Asieanem popularly known as Stephanie Benson, is a UK-based Ghanaian international singer and performer who is rooted in jazz music and needs no record labels to showcase their talent.

According to the relationship expert, an artist needs no titles and those who go about showing off their wealth clearly prove that they have no talent.

She tweeted, “A True Artist needs no Labels No Titles, just a stage & imagination. It’s okay to enjoy an artist without The Label, ok to aspire to an artist with nothing to offer but Talent. An artist who shows wealth is lacking in what Money cannot buy Talent & love. Give ur adoration wisely. Music is Music whatever the genre is. Don’t get caught up in differences. It’s the differences that define us.”

Stephanie Benson, who still looks young in spite of her age, has been using her social media platforms to help couples mend their relationships. She also helps those who are in codependent relationships find a way to leave before things surge.

She recently advised young ladies to work hard and make their own money if they want to be taken seriously by the men they date.

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