Asogli Chiefs not in agreement to change Ho Technical Uni. to Ephraim Amu Tech Uni.

The Asogli state is unhappy with moves by the Governing Council of the Ho Technical University to rename the institution after Ghanaian composer, Ephraim Amu.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, in August 2018, gave his blessing to the proposal for the school to be renamed the Ephraim Amu Technical University in honour of the Ghanaian cultural icon and composer of the National Anthem, who hailed from the Volta Region.

However, Togbe Adzim Laklē Howusu, Warlord of the Asogli State who addressed the press on behalf of the Paramount Chief , Togbe Afede, on Monday, said the school’s Governing Council has disrespected the chiefs and custodians of the land over the decision to change the name of the school without consulting them.

According to him, the decision is in bad faith and must be reversed with immediate effect.

“We recall that the Asogli State Council initially raised the issue when a delegation from the university led by the then VC, Prof. Emmanuel Sakyi, called on the chiefs of Asogli at the Asogli state palace on 27th February 2018, to invite the Agbogbomefia and the chiefs of Asogli state to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the University. The chiefs registered their opposition to the decision of the council to rename the university after Dr. Ephraim Amu”.

The chiefs say they have always “maintained that, much as we recognize the achievements for Dr. Ephraim Amu and his contribution to the country’s development, we deem it improper to rename the university after him without due diligence and consensus building on the issue”.

The chiefs say the decision to rename the Premier tertiary institution of the region must be “reversed and any such decision in the future should be done in consultation with the relevant parties including the chiefs of the land”.

Reiterating their resolve to resist any change in name of the University, Togbe Adzim Lãkle Howusu said their “youth are already boiling and may take actions against the school authorities should they defy their instructions.


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