BBC undercover “sex for grade” in Africa Universities is an agenda to sanitize the system using gurus caught in the act.

I quite remember when I first had admission to pursue degree program at university, my senior sister added to advise my mum gave me to desist from any relationship on campus especially not to have any relationship with a lecturer Girlfriend. I was a little bit confused because I never expected such advise. She insisted that even if the lady convinced me to side with her in order to get what she wants from the lecturer I shouldn’t succumb to her sweet words, I should rather focus on my studies instead. There is a perception in the tertiary institutions that lecturers have been having affairs with students and students also fall to their demands with the intention of earning good grades from lecturers.

In fact my four years stay on campus, one particular lecturer (name hidden) was actually figured out as an agent for pestering female students and having Sexual affair with them and then award them with good grades since he is in charge of academic affairs department. This is to confirm that it is happening in our tertiary universities and base on this fact not limited to Africa might Ginger BBC undercover Journalist to embark on this exercise. This revelation, sex for a grade will sanitize the system and people with authority will now think wisely especially those with Intention to award opportunity or grade to females only if they have Sexual affair with them.

Professor Gyanpo has been set as a scapegoat to deter other practitioners to end their course.

Ahadzi Emmanuel

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