Bloggers who publish people’s nudes will get 25 years jail term – Samson Lardy cautions

The host of Newsfile has admonished offenders of revenge pornography and other such persons to desist from the act or face the full rigors of the law.

Details of the country’s cybercrime law, the Cyber Security Act 2020, establishes that all persons caught in the heinous act will cough out thirty to sixty thousand Ghana Cedis or risk spending 15 to 25 years in jail.

The law which was passed last year aims at safeguarding children against cybercrime as well as general protection for citizens against criminal acts and abuses.

Speaking during the second National Girls in ICT Day earlier last year, then Minister of Communications, Ursula Owusu- Ekuful, said “the National Cybersecurity Centre is currently reviewing the framework on COP and this includes a comprehensive implementation roadmap aimed at protecting our children online.”

Touching on the outcome of this exercise, Mr. Samson Lardy Anyenini admonished perpetrators to be warned.

“There is a new law in town and please be informed that you risk hefty monetary fines of thirty to sixty thousand or 5- 15 or 25 years in prison for acting silly. Yes, acting silly and foolish. What else is it, but foolishness when people take and publish nude or indecent images of children?” He said on the Ayenini Legal Light segment on Newsfile.

“Some take that of their sexual partners and publish or threaten to circulate them. …my joy today is about the law’s protections for especially girls and women against taking and circulating or publishing indecent images.” He added.


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