Brand Ambassador Chikel Baibe elaborates on Key notes you don’t know about “Sultan drinks”

Sulltan Drinks are nonalcoholic fusion drinks manufactured from black seed.

Black seed is a healthy seed/plant with enormous benefits that controls diabetes, hypertension, skin issues, and hair growth name a few. I urge you to do your research while you enjoy your Sultan drink.

Sultan drinks come in 4 variants.

The sultan power is the “energy drink” among the four. The caffeine content is really low compared to the energy drinks on the market. The caffeine here is also natural caffeine that is in black seed. Therefore it doesn’t give you heart palpitations, and sleepless nights like other energy drinks on the market. It also has ginger-mint, and Royal jelly, which is basically honey-milk from bees.

The Sultan Ice Tea is a mixture of black seed, ginseng which is a potent vasodilator and can help reduce high blood pressures, honey, and green tea.

Our sultan orange has black seed, mandarin orange, and curcuma – which is tumeric, a plant in the ginger family. All 4 variants have no artificial flavoring, no coloring, and no artificial additives. All sugars in the drink are from honey and Stevia. Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from leaves of a plant called Rag weed.

All 4 drinks have passed vegetarian tests, and its Halaal as well. So vegetarians and people from all walks of life and religions aren’t left behind.
We have these certificates from our manufacturer in Austria to back all these organic compositions.

This is without a doubt the best drink on the market and we are here to make a difference in the lifestyle of our people. Sultan Drinks… Know What You Drink
In March we will roll out one of the best combinations with dates and fig black seed drinks.

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