China’s Xi Jinping urges US to handle Taiwan ‘properly’ to avoid tie damages

According to Chinese state media, during a meeting held on Friday by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Joe Biden, Xi has urged Joe Biden to manage the Taiwan issue  “properly” to avoid having a negative effect on relations between the two countries.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping

“Some individuals in the United States are sending the wrong signals to pro-independence forces in Taiwan, and that’s very dangerous,” Xi told Biden during a video call between the two men on Friday.

“If the Taiwan issue is not handled properly, it will have a subversive impact on the relationship between the two countries.”

Just some hours before Biden and Xi spoke a Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Friday which was shadowed by a US destroyer.

The Shandong aircraft carrier

“We hope the US side will pay adequate attention” to the issue, Xi told Biden.

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry expressed his gratitude to Biden for his “emphasis on maintaining the status quo of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, and also called on China to strongly condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russia-Ukraine war peace protesters



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