COVID-19: Forget your mansions & lets support the needy- Derrick urges his foreign colleagues


A Young Ghanaian man base in the United Kingdom with the name Derrick Evans on social media has been supporting his fun on social media ever since the covid 19 cases arise.

The young man is seen sharing money to his fans and airtime credit to keep them stay at home during these crises.

According to young man, this crises demand help and support from each and everyone at the moment and for him to know where he is coming from and where God has brought him, he won’t hesitate to share whatever he has with anyone at this time of corona virus challenges.

He said many Ghanaian who travel outside the country are been selfish and not ready to support others in need. He lamented vehemently during his facebook lives motivational talk shows, that it time to show love to each other and not counting on the mansions, cars etc that we have.

He ended his message by telling Ghanaians to appreciate everything the government in power is doing adding that, even in the united kingdom, many people are also hungry not only in Africa.


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