OLA College of Education forms Covid-19 taskForce to ensure safety of staff and student

As part of the preventive measures put in place ahead of the reopening of Colleges of Education in the country and to enable final year students to sit for their final examination peacefully, the management of Our Lady of Apostles (OLA) College of Education has formed COVID-19 Task Force to check the compliance of the health and safety protocols and to prevent the potential spread of the virus on the Campus.

The Taskforce had communicated to the Students ahead on what they are expected to do on arrival to the College. The team ensured that all items carried along by students were disinfected on arrival, their temperatures were checked and other protocols followed before they were assigned rooms.
The Taskforce organized an orientation for the students the next day after arrival to educate them on the dos and don’t on campus to protect themselves and everyone. The Taskforce stressed the need for them to eat nutritious nutritious food to boost their immune system.

The taskforce again warned the students against stigmatization since anyone can contract the virus. The College had displayed posters at vantage points to serve as reminders to students on the health and social protocols to be observed.
Speaking to the media when visited the campus, the Principal of the College, Rev Sister Elizabeth Amoako Arhen, said her outfit will do everything possible to make sure that students of OLA College of Education are safe, healthy and well protected.

Final year students of OLA College of Education reported to Campus on Monday 22nd June 2020 where the task force was at post to welcome students with the safety equipment and PPEs.
The Taskforce also ensured the students washed their hands properly under running water and their temperature was also taken.

Taxis were not allowed to enter the campus as part of measures to fight the pandemic.
Rev Sister Amoako Arhen applauded the Government for contracting Zoomlion to fumigate and disinfect every corner of the campus as well as providing PPEs to both students, Lecturers, and nonteaching staff as well.
She said the Government through the Ministry of Education has done their part. Management will ensure that everything provided I’d put to good use. The Principal was extremely grateful to the taskforce for ensuring that the students adhere to social and physical distancing and keep to the safety protocols of regular hand washing.
Rev Sister Amoako Arhen explains there are plenty of rooms for students to occupy and so a maximum of five (5) are spaced out in a dormitory meant for 30 students. Every lecture hall is will be occupied by 15 students instead. Even on-campus College is using a blended mode of learning to engage their students, that is face-to-face as well as virtual to make sure students can study in the open space as well as the lecture halls.


Source: Hajia Hassana

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