Ebony left so many with shattered memories: Dzidefo the poet cries as he shares a tribute in memory of Late Ebony

Today is exactly 1 year since Ebony, Francis Atsu Vondee and Franky met their untimely death.

We will all leave this world one day, but how about growing old before we depart? That will be a good thing to happen to us and our families and loved ones. The fear of being taken away prematurely by death is another factor in Youths survival. The death of Ebony is one tragedy that every Ghanaian will not forget. She was young, she had a bright future and she was on to of her game. As today marks her 1 year anniversary, Dzidefo released this piece to mourn her. Read below;


Sorry, Ebony Reigns
(Tribute to Ebony Reigns)

Priscilla, you took the world by storm,
With your personal form
You created one hell of a musical taste
That was soon going to break odds
The world was getting ready for you,
Your people were expecting nothing less
Everything was pointing to your explosion
Until the unimaginable became reality

#Ebony Hw3, you left #Maame to mourn,
You left so many with shattered memories
Your fans can never find a substitute
Not one with your kind of energy
Sorry, we are sorry Ebony
Sorry, we’re sorry Priscy

Your talent is worth the accolade,
You needed no platinum signage,
To rock the world like a star
And now, your name is become something else

Though you were not the favorite of all,
That did not stop you from rising that tall
Your legacies shall speak for you
For your lyrical prowess transcends boundaries

The days ahead of you looked so bright,
You shouldn’t have given up without a fight
The colors of your gifts shines bright like light
You should have been given a second chance

You lived a life that was very short,
Yet, you made it count in it’s own respect
You shall be remembered by those who loves you
For your songs keep playing in their heads.


Dzidefo the Poet


By: Harry Graphic


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