ECG allegedly chases TT for owing 8,000 light bill

A few days ago, Psalm Adjetefio, best known as TT was given some huge sums of money by the Vice President after sharing his financial challenges in an interview he granted. The regional minister of Greater Accra also pledged to give him a GHS1,500 monthly allowance till his term of office elapses. This was good enough for TT to quit all other interviews and concentrate on building a new life.

However, Ghanaians are attacking TT for granting another interview and telling Ghanaians that he owes ECG GH8,000. Some Ghanaians have had it to the brim and they cannot take it anymore. They have registered their disappointment in the living legend. Indeed, it has become embarrassing right now and the only person to be blamed is TT himself. In the interview, he didn’t specifically beg for financial assistance, however, when you mention it, it will be assumed that you need help. This was what Delay wanted to prevent by asking TT to stay away from all interviews. But he refused to adhere to that advice.

If you will recall, TT later granted an interview to Mona Gucci and disgraced Delay. He said Delay promised to build a house on his plot of land but she hasn’t done that yet. Today, he is reaping what he sowed. Every single interview, bloggers will generate something and spin around to your disadvantage. If not bloggers, some listeners can spin your comment and make an evil interpretation from it. TT appears not to learn. He is always acting on impulse and doesn’t invest much thought in his decisions.

Today, some Ghanaians on social media are reacting to the news in a rather unfortunate way and the respect for TT is dragged in gutters.


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