Egyapa Mercer’s Approval As Deputy Energy Minister Rejected

Egyapa Mercer’s approval as Deputy Energy Minister has unfortunately been suspended by the Parliament Appointment Committee.

Four deputy minister nominees were vetted by the committee on June 7 2021 but the committee after a private meeting approved three out of the four nominees.

A member of committee disclosed anonymously that Mercer’s approval has been suspended and rejected due to some unfavorably answers to most questioners asked by members of the committee.

According to the anonymous member of committee, The member of Parliament of Secondi had among other issues refuted to claims of conflict of interest against him in the PDS deal during his vetting.

However, Mr Mercer was a director and Secretary of TGN Energy Solution, one of the companies that formed PDS and said his role in the company did not affect his duties as a member of parliament when the deal was brought to the House for consideration and boldly stated he was never found in a conflict of interest position.

So these are some of the answers that got Egyapa Mercer’s approval suspended, Anonymous Committee member stated


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