Exclusive: Bride refuse to kiss her groom during wedding ceremony

A lot of questions following the just concluded weeding ceremony of Nkemakolam (the bride) and Mr. Nkama ( The groom) both from Unwana in Afikpo North Local Government of Ebonyi state. “ …What could be the reason for a bride refusing to kiss the groom during weeding ceremony”.

The weeding took place last weekend, Saturday 15th of February at sent Michael Catholic church, Unwana. After some ordinance according to the church custom, when the new couple was asked to kiss each other, the bride refused for reason(s) yet unknown.

After several trial by the groom, the bride keep refusing to kiss him, the groom was advice to take it easy on her (even when there get home). The ceremony then proceeded with other activities.

My question here is; what do you think will cause a bride to refuse kissing the groom during their wedding ceremony?

Could it be shyness? could it be her first kiss attempt? or could it be mouth odor of the groom?

However, you can share your view with me through the comment box.



Credit: operastudio

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