Five(5) Rules You Should Never Break In A Relationship

Although there may not exist a set of universal rules of thumb on how to make a relationship work and ensure its success, in the long run, it would still be much easier if there were some guidelines that you could live by to make your relation healthy, happy and long-lasting.

1. Don’t go chasing someone:

Ever been in a relationship where you have to ask someone to do even the simplest of things? Like asking your partner to spend enough time with you? Have you ever felt like you’re going unnoticed in your relationship? Here’s the deal: when you feel like your partner isn’t being as emotionally available as they should be and if they’re shutting you out, then don’t run after them.

Sure, you can try, but to work so hard that your relationships turn into a rollercoaster ride where you’re always running after your significant other asking them for their love and attention, is unfair to you. So never, ever, go chasing someone. If they genuinely love you, they will always be there for you without you reminding them about it asking for it.

2. Don’t wait for too long:

Everyone you will love will carry their emotional baggage. People dating each other are no always on the same page about their relationship. If you feel like your girlfriend/boyfriend is struggling to be in it wholeheartedly and give it their all, then even though your love for them will make you want to wait for them and change their ways, don’t ever wait for too long to make that happen.

If your significant other is not truly ready for the relationship, for too long, then know that everybody deserves their fair share of second chances, but don’t ever wait on someone for too long. Letting someone know your door is always open for them will make them come in and walk out as they please. So, put your foot down, don’t let anyone’s indecisiveness wear you down emotionally, and never wait for someone who will keep you hanging.

3. Never hesitate to communicate:

Don’t ever break the rule of communicating with your partner. Communication is vital to a successful relationship. If and when something goes wrong between the two of you, don’t ever shut him/her out and choose not to talk about it.

Letting things bottle up inside you is toxic for you and your relationship. If something keeps you up at night, no matter how hard you find it to open up to them, make sure you try to do it. Don’t underestimate the power of communication and let it all out. Keeping things to yourself makes room for misunderstandings and frustration. Talk to your loved one, so they get their chance of making things right.

4. Respect each other’s personal space:

Always, always give your partner their own space. If your partner asks or expresses the need to be left alone, then leave them to themselves for a while. Everyone needs a certain level and amount of personal space. Taking someone’s private space and privacy away from them has never resulted in a healthy relationship, it can be damaging than it may seem in the moment. Don’t force the presence of yourself and your link onto your significant other. If anything, it’ll only result in them wanting even more personal space than before.

5. Don’t hold onto them if they’re going to be let go:

Human nature works in complex and unpredictable ways. If someone falls in love, it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll stay in love. Their emotions, for you, may not be the same for the rest of their life. If the person you’re in a relationship with has a change of heart at some point, if they feel they can’t do it anymore and they want out, then you should let them go.

Because when people fall in love, they fall out of it too. People can be full of love and passion, but they can also be somewhat or entirely devoid of those feelings, and when that happens, you have to understand that it’s something very natural. Love is not an obligation, so let them go if ever they want to walk away from the relationship.

Forcing someone to stay in a relationship with you can not result in a happy relationship. You’d want for things to remain the same, and as much as you’d want to be loved, you shouldn’t ever force someone to love you.


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