Five(5) signs that shows a lady want you to approach her

You never want to approach a girl who has ZERO interest in talking to you…

She’s just gonna be rude and dismissive… you might as well be talking to a brick wall!

But when you already know she wants to talk to you, starting a conversation is a piece of cake.

For example, here are 5 signs she actually WANTS to be approached:

1… Her body language is open to the room.

This is a sign she’s open to someone coming over and starting a conversation.

If she’s already making room for someone to come say hi, it might as well be you.

2… She’s looking around the room.

This usually means she’s not fully committed to the people she came with, and she’s scanning the room for new opportunities.

3… She holds eye contact with you.

When this happens, smile and wave at her. Then approach her and start a conversation with her.

4… She makes eye contact and then looks down.

Looking down is a “submissive” body language signal.

It almost always means she’s attracted to you. Do something! Go talk to her.

5… She stands right next to you, even when she doesn’t have to

Most women won’t approach you first, but if she’s interested, she will find an excuse to stand really close to you, in the hopes that you’ll take the opportunity and say hello…

This happens all the time in crowded bars, especially if you look like you’re having a lot of fun and you’re with cool people.


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