Five(5) things women hate about “pot belly” guys you don’t know

From my experiences and finding, here are 5 things women don’t like about potbelly men:

(1) They think it’s an evidence of good living:

To me potbelly is an evidence of sickness, ask your doctor if it’s healthy to have potbelly and hear him.

(2) They are insecure with their babes around 6 packs guys:

Potbelly men are jealous of six packs guys and insecure when they hang out with their babes around them, over 80% of women love 6 packs which send this potbelly men into self depreciation of esteem.

(3) They are not good in bed:

If the women here will open up, they will tell you that potbelly men are not good in bed, most of them have small john thomas, they will start breathing like someone that ran up a hill after one round, do you know that over 70% of potbelly men are being cheated on by their women with athletic bodied guys?

(4) Their fart is atomic in nature:

Nobody was born with potbelly, it is grown by lifestyle of eating and dinning of food and drinks, and we all know that what comes out from your anus is actually what enters from your mouth, so by what they eat and drink, their fart became an epitome of injustice to mankind. I was inside bus with one and he released it, everybody paid their transport fare immediately and stopped in the next bus stop.

(5) They have eaten their future:

That potbelly you see needs maintenance which is food, a potbelly man without food for 4 hours is committing suicide, most of them have eat with reckless abandon.

The only thing which cannot be naturally changed in a man’s stature is height & small dick(stop insulting men because they didn’t create it themselves), potbelly is changeable so if this article attacks your esteem, go register for a gym class.

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