Five(5) things to look out for when buying a new phone

When buying a new phone, most people will just go for what model it is and not look at all the important features that are crucial especiall the new Iphones, Samsung, infinix techno etc.

A phone is supposed to last you for quite a while because you won’t be buying a phone every two or three months in a year.

It’s imperative that you look for some things in the phone that make it durability as well as function combined in the device.

Below are the five important aspects of a phone to pay attention to:


A phone with a good battery capacity will go a long way in ensuring that you are not off when those important calls come through.

If you love gaming and social media as well, you’ll want a battery that can handle all this and still have enough left to last you through the day.


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Many ladies nowadays love a phone that has a good camera which they can take selfies and TikTok videos with.



A good camera will start at 48 Mega Pixels and upwards as this is what will give you good visual images if you’re an influencer as well.


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The Random Access Memory of a phone is what will determine how much it can handle at a given time.

If you’re used to multitasking with your phone, you don’t want to open an app and lose all the progress that you had just acquired on the previous one.

Like taking a call while you’re in the middle of a game, your phone with a RAM of 6 or 8 GB, can handle this quite efficiently.


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This is the memory of the phone where you can store all the things that you keep in your phone like your pictures and music.

Nowadays, a phone with at least 64 Giga Bites will handle all your storage needs with a lot of ease.


Most phones come with a Mediatek Chip that handles most functions quite well without overheating the device.

Another within thee budget phone chip that you can check out for in a phone is the snapdragon chip.


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