Five(5) thought provoking quotes from VP Dr.Bawumia in 2019

A leader is someone who inspires others, who leads by example and motivates people to be better and move forward no matter how hard the challenges might be.

No matter if they’re leading a country, a business, a household or a team.

Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is considered as one of the most influential, aggressive and controversial figures in Ghana’s politics.

Read through the quotes and sayings by Bawumia which have been curated from his speeches.

Bawumia on the performance of the economy

At a town hall meeting, Dr. Bawumia used the Mahama administration as a yardstick to measure the NPP’s performance.

Bawumia said: “The data on the annual rate of depreciation of the cedi in recent years shows that the worst performance so far under the NPP government is the 8.4 percent depreciation we saw in 2018. That worst performance is better than the best performance under the previous government between 2012 and 2016.”

Bawumia jabs Mahama over banks collapse

Following former President John Mahama’s criticism of the government’s ongoing financial sector clean-up, Dr. Bawumia has asked him [Mahama] to save his breath, arguing that the weak oversight of the sector during his regime is largely to blame for the mess they’re now fixing.

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

He said “Instead of explaining to the good people of Ghana how his Government superintended over outright regulatory failure and cronyism which led to the biggest financial crisis ever in Ghana, he chooses, as is characteristic of him, to rewrite history. The good people of this country are however not as gullible and ignorant as he likes to believe. And we do not all have short memories.”

Bawumia advises NABCO trainees

Dr. Bawumia advised trainees of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) to make use of the opportunities offered them by the initiative.

He advised at the closing ceremony of NABCO’s first-anniversary celebration.

“All trainees of the NABCO workforce are to follow a mandatory learning programme both online and physically… There is no debating the fact that we are in a knowledge generation.

“When we came to power, there was high graduate unemployment. There was a virtual freeze on public sector recruitment,”Bawumia said.

NPP’s commitment to fighting corruption

He said the government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is committed to the fight against corruption and strongly believes that leveraging modern technology and formalising the Ghanaian society through digitization will improve administrative systems.

Vice-President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

Dr. Bawumia said to fight corruption and protect the public purse, the systems and effective institutions are what matter as well as enforcement of laws.

“We have reduced corruption at the ports through the paperless reforms… As you may be aware, at least 21 former public officials are currently on trial for alleged corruption-related offenses.

“We have passed the necessary legislation and appointed a Special Prosecutor to deal with exceptional cases of corruption,” he said.

350,000 jobs for the youth in 2 years – Bawumia

Dr. Bawumia has disclosed that the government has created 350,000 jobs within two years.

He said the NPP government has given clearance for people to be recruited as nurses, teachers, as well as personnel at the Forestry Commission and security services.




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