Five(5) types of women that get everyman going gaga

We all fall in love and we all have crushes. Some people have unique characters which makes them admirable to other people. Some of these characters are learned as people grow. For women, their upbringing may have something to do with their current characters. For men, they learn alot of things from the environment and people around them. Below are kind of women most admired by men.

1. Outspoken women


She speaks whatever she thinks even when she is bothered.

2. Career women

This is simply a working class woman. She just not sit and wait for a man to feed her. She has worked hard to achieve her dreams and she is also able to pay her bills.

3. Classy women

A classy woman is a woman who dresses well, knows what and when to talk and does not entertain nonsense from anyone.

4. Responsible women

A responsible woman is a woman who knows her role in the family as well as in the society.

5. Courageous women

Men admire women with courage of doing anything they want without any fear. Courageous women are able to speak out their minds.


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