Four (4) things you need to consider before having s*x

Four (4) things you need to consider before having s*x

Unfortunately, seemingly innocent habits before and after sex can undermine healthy pleasure and cause intestinal problems. Here are some things you should avoid if you want to have sex.

1. Do not rush to the bathroom to quickly shave.

If you are shaving your legs or in a bikini area, it may be possible to run to the bathroom for quick sex. But trust me when I say the results are not for me. “Shaving and shaving can make you feel irritated and uncomfortable,” according to the “Health Line”. Instead, try to remember to shave the previous day. Just come out confident with your hairy identity.

2. Don’t overeat.

You may be on time for one of the best restaurants, but if you want to stay busy after a walk, stick to a digestible. Overeating is not just a leak and you do not exercise, it can also be a sexual problem. Both men and women need blood to reach the vagina, and blood flows there as the body absorbs food rich in it.

3. Do Not Eat Suрer Sрiсy Foods Food seal High In Fat.

When you are about to have sex, lubricate it with a hot sauce. Strong foods like curry and surgeons may use reflux symptoms, including heartburn and severe heartburn. This can make it difficult for you to change your status. And if your body is sensitive to heat, you will not be able to tolerate farts or burr.

4. Do Not Take An Antihistаmine

Are you stressed? If you plan to take the cough and herbal remedies later, it is recommended that you stop taking them. Antihistamines can help dry runny noses, but those are, not the only ones. Women may find that the vagina is not too bad because the drug dries up all parts of the body.


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