Four (4) Types of Men that Ladies Respect and Value

ladies have always been treating you with disrespect, they don’t listen when you talk, they always turn down your proposal, they rarely give you their attention, then this article is for you. You need to reorientate yourself on the kinds of men that ladies fancy, the kinds of men that ladies are always attracted to, the ones that never get turned down.

In this article, I will be showing you four kinds of men that ladies respect and value.

1.    Men that are experienced



This is the kind of men that ladies respect and value, when you are very experienced in the different bedroom activities, ladies will spread the news among themselves, and they’ll all start respecting you. To gain this experience, you will need to educate yourself on the different styles of play you can engage in during your bedroom activities, don’t assume that you already know all these things because you’re a man. If you’re unable to please a lady the way she wants, she would start disrespecting you, and would also tell all of her friends about it.

2.    Men who shower compliments



Ladies are also always fond of men who are never tired of showering compliments, men who compliment ladies for their beauty, dressing, footwear, hair, makeover, etc. ladies are always attracted to these kinds of men, and that explains why their proposals never get turned down. Every lady has an innate craving for the feeling of being appreciated, and if you can satisfy that craving as a man, they’ll respect and value you.

3.    Men that are business-oriented



These are other kinds of men that ladies respect and value, men who are only interested in making money, men who don’t have time for any other distraction aside from the business that puts food on their table, women always give this kind of men attention. So as a man, if you also want to start enjoying this treatment of being respected and valued, you need to start concentrating on the business that pays your bills, becomes business-oriented.

4.    Men that are approachable



Ladies also have a soft spot for men that are friendly, those that can be easily approached, those who are always ready to help others. So, if you’re the type that’s always carrying a stern face about, you don’t smile, you don’t relate with anybody, you’re always on your own, you might not attract the attention of the ladies, they might even end up isolating you. So, if you want ladies to respect and value you, you need to become approachable.


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