Four(4) dating tips you should never use on women

Four(4) dating tips you should never use on women

Most people will make youtube videos just to make themselves popular but in real sense those contents are never applicable.
We want you to therefore, take not of these points and make sure you make a difference in your life.

Let’s not take much time, here are the three worst dating tips you should never use on beautiful women.

1. You should always say sorry to her.

From the etiquette perspective, saying sorry is a good thing since it helps to build that better connection between two individuals.
Now, a problem comes in when you have to say sorry to a woman more often. Like, for real, how can you be saying sorry all the time?
According to our research, saying sorry to a woman will never make her like you better, she only gets to see you as a weakling.

That is why sometimes it is always better to let her know what she wants to know. Just let her think the way she wants to think.
This is because, the more you try to apologize or make her feel like you are so good to her, she starts to take you for granted.
In that case, not all mistakes you make in a relationship deserves a sorry, some only needs you to prove yourself right.

2. You should keep things private if she wants to.

Knowingly or unknowingly, a woman will direct you towards a path that only favors her character.
That means, if you are not so careful with her, all she will do is to fool you towards not realizing the truth.

A cheating a woman, or a woman who is still not so sure about who she needs in life is the one who will tell you to keep things private.
Otherwise, a good woman who loves you would want it to be official as soon as you two get a chance to.
Therefore, never listen to somebody who tells you to listen to such a suggestion from a woman, it will only waste your Time.

3. Give a strong eye contact when you see her.

Hehe, eye contact is just a technique that makes you win over a woman you have been admiring for days.
Like, if you still not prepared with the words to say to her, keeping eye contact is the best way to make her realize that there is something happening with you.
But again, it requires skills for you to be able to apply this technique on a woman. Otherwise, you will be messing things up.
Women never need that strong eye contact, it makes them feel so insecure and they get afraid afterwards.

In that case, you should be careful how you pose your eye contact skills. Otherwise, you will turn up to lose her for good.
Never listen to such an advice because it will only waste your precious time. We hope it makes sense to you.


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