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Four(4) parts of women they will love you to touch for them

Four(4) parts of women they will love you to touch for them.

Having stated that, a woman’s body reacts to touch in different ways. There are some parts on a woman’s body that guys don’t consider sensitive since they aren’t the most popular, but are actually incredibly sensitive to touch. Most women enjoy being stroked in these areas, but are hesitant to share their wants with their partners. In this piece, I will emphasize these points.

1. The armpit

One of the most delicate parts of the body to touch is the armpit. The fact that a light touch on this part of the body causes a tickling sensation is confirmation of this. As a result, touching your girl’s armpit will elicit the desired response.

Due to the existence of lymph nodes, sections of a woman’s chest reach down to her armpit, therefore massaging the armpit will assist cleanse the body of toxins.

2. Her Hair

Although human hair feels silky to the touch, many women respond better to their men when their hair is toyed with. While playing with their hairs, some females will insist on you scratching their scalp.

During a chat or while watching a movie at home, playing with her hair while talking to her is a great way to show how much you love her.

3. The ear

One of the most delicate regions of the body is the ear. If you want to spice things up while spending time with your girlfriend, the ear – particularly the ‘C-section’ – is one of the greatest places to start. The ear’s ‘C-section’ contains hundreds of touch receptors crammed into a small space.


Gently rubbing your lady’s ear when she is relaxed or engaged in phone conversations will tremendously relax her.

4. The stomach

When lightly massaged, the lower portion of the stomach, just below the belly button, pleases women. If your girlfriend is pregnant, this is a must. Most pregnant women enjoy having their stomachs stroked; they may not ask for it, but doing so will comfort them that your love for them are real.


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