Four(4) Signs Your Guy Is Pretending He Loves You

Nothing is more painful than being in a relationship with a guy you love and trust you so much but he doesn’t love you back. It’s painful and regretful.

But the one that is highly painful is when you are in a serious relationship with a guy who pretends to love you back but doesn’t even have your records in mind.

Many women have been put into a tight corner because of loving and giving their hearts to some of these men.

How will a woman know that the guy he is loving so much is a pretender?

1. He is not available when she needs him
One way that a woman will know that her guy is only pretending is his availability when needed.

A guy like this because he is pretending doesn’t have his woman at heart and therefore does not see the reasons to keep their meeting time in mind.

Even when he plans a meeting or an outing with her woman, the little invitation from his friend or just a playmate will change the plan he has for his woman.

He will just cancel it without considering his fiances feelings.

2. He is only after his desires
When a man is a pretender he only have interest in what he will gain from his woman. If it got to do with the woman, it’s not his concern.

Anytime you will see such a man speeding up with issues in the relationship then it’s for his interest. If not, he will not even bother to discuss with his woman.

3. He keeps their relationship a secret

Any guy who pretends to love a woman will also try to hide her from people.

He will caution the lady with certain enticing words as the reason they have to keep the relationship a secret from the general public including their families.

4. He will not discuss anything about future with his woman

For a woman to know that her guy is pretending to love her is also that he will never discuss anything about the future with his woman.

Whenever she tries to work on a project or discuss things that has to do with the future, he will not give in.

He will try to prevent his woman from doing anything with him that has to do with the future.

So whenever a woman who is dating a guy sees some of these signs then it means that guy is just passing through your relationship.

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