Funny questions to ask a girl to make her laugh & eventually win her heart

Let’s check out these funny questions to ask a girl to make her laugh. Alright?

Funny questions to ask a girl to make her laugh

1. Do care if we go out for some chocolate and ice cream at the same time?

2. What if I asked you of your favorite dance when you were just five years old?

3. When last did you dance in the midst of your friends?

4. Can you dare sing a love song in the presence of your dad?

5. How did the first meal you prepared rated to your family?

6. Have you ever been embarrassed by someone before and how did you cope that day?

7. Can you walk in the rain for five hours for one million dollars?

8. What is your favorite soup and how can someone make it?

9. What is your problem with those guys you were trying to tell me about?

10. If you were a vegetable how will you taste when I finish preparing you.

11. What really makes you happy the most, my kisses or my hugs?

12. What if I ask you to jump from Kilimanjaro, will you accept the offer because you love me.

13. Can someone like me ever win your heart and then you accepted and suddenly say to him, I am sorry I just to test the second version of my boyfriend.

14. Can you prepare infinite noodles at all? Or do you know how to cook water?

15. How will you feel if you invited me for a meal you know will not satisfy you, and then suddenly I stood up and started coming to eat?

16. Have you ever fallen down while dancing before? Did you injure yourself?

17. How can I make you happy without cracking a joke?

18. Is it possible to smile with your mouth?

19. If I drank acid will it kill me or will make me happier than ever?

20. Do I need to eat this morning to be able to work harder at work?

21. Please, what is the function of Biro on the white land?

22. For how long do you think a Vu out should wear his undies?

23. Can you walk a man you love down the whole of a lion?

24. If you truly love a man can you trust him without your ATM card?

25. What can actually make you happy? A slap or cash from the devil?

26. Can you swallow a python alive for a million dollars?

27. What was the title of the first fight you fought when you were small?

28. Can you dare to collect banana from a monkey?

29. If you were a tomato how would you want me to burst you?

30. What do you think can actually make you laugh if you really want to go laugh hard?

31. Who was your cutest boyfriend when you were five years old?

32. Have you ever tasted sour milk before and was it tasty?

33. Can you bite a delicious meal at the same point?

34. What can make you fall in love at first sight?

35. Can you eat leftover food from someone you don’t even know at all?

36. What is the name of your favorite chewing gum?

37. Do you actually love the color rainbow? And which of the color combination do you think is the most beautiful.

38. What exactly do you think can make a man laugh even if he is trying hard not to?

39. Can you sacrifice your breakfast for a mere morning trip?

40. What’s the most interesting movie you have ever seen from the day you started to see films?

41. Can I know the name of your favorite song and your best fast food joint?.

42. What is the best thing you think you can do to make a guy fall in love with you?

43. Do you have a specific time to showcase your talent or you can do it anywhere?

44. What is the most influential moment of your life?

45. What is the most beautiful place you ever paid for your visit?.

46. If you are to recall the funniest moment ever in your life while you were small?.

47. Is it possible for someone like me to become the next president of our country?

48. Would you rather stay with me than to get a billion dollars to enjoy your life?

49. Who do you think is the most handsome guy ever seen?

50. Can you wait for a strange dog to approach you?

51. If you want to buy a can which type would you prefer?

52. Are you one of the most interesting people ever seen or you make trouble a lot?

53. Have you ever eaten a mango sandwich before?

54. Have you ever felt guilty before and what actually caused the guilt?

55. Who was around to separate you when you had your first fight as a child?

56. Have you ever claimed what doesn’t belong to you before?.

57. As a child, will you rather give up on what another child is claiming from you or you fight to the end until you get it?

58. What do you think will be better to spend a night eating together with a beautiful girlfriend?

59. How many times do you look at the mirror a day?

60. How many hours do you spend applying your make up?

61. What food do you think is the funniest you ever eaten?

62. The first time you swim, how was your excitement?

63. Will you ever agree to dance in the market square for a million dollars?

64. Why do girls fight for little things? And why do they scream at anything?

65. Why do girls fear rat than they fear human?

66. Do women really have psychological issues or they just chose to be emotional?

67. Sorry, has electricity shucked you before and how did you cope with it?

68. Is there any situation that has ever caused you not to be happy with everyone involved?

69. What is your favorite food and can you actually prepare it well by yourself?

70. Can you talk like a robot on the phone? I have a business for you.

71. Who was the first person that angered you in this world and how possible that you remember so much?

72. If you have the opportunity to create and punish an insect, which one will you create?

73. Can you allow someone else to use your lotion or perfume?

74. How do you normally react when your siblings use your body cream without your consent?

75. What cartoon character do you like the most?

76. Are you a fan of football and which of the players is your favorite?

77. What food do you like to eat and how is it prepared?

78. Have you ever kissed before?If true, who was the person and how did it end?

79. What is your favorite color and how do you wish to spend your holiday this year?

80. Have you been to a restaurant to buy just a meat pile?

81. What is your favorite subject and what makes you like the subject?

82. Is there any way you can make a man cry?

83. What do you normally do when you are alone, be sincere don’t deny, please?

84. When you were small, did your dad buy your dream toy for you?

85. Who was your best friend when you were 7 years old child? Who was your concentrated hater as a child?

86. Is there anyone that can change your dream with juts so mere word of advice?

87. What is the perfect clothe a girl should wear to make her man happy with her?

88. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

89. When you were in secondary school, who was your best male friend and did you people end with each other?

90. Have you ever climbed a tree to pluck mango before?

91. Have you ever been chased by a dog since you were born?

92. Who is that only one man that can make you shed tears out of excitement?

93. What dress are you planning to wear for your birthday?

94. Have you ever spoken on stage before? What exactly was your mission for the talk?

95. What is the extent you can tolerate a silly attitude coming from a guy you love?

96. Do you have what it takes to make someone want to die for you?

97. Who was your best primary school teacher and what’s his or her name?

98. Have you ever been beaten by your father before? What was your offense?

99. Do you have any reason why you used to refuse some errands when you were nine years old?

100. Did you have a stubborn sister you so much love because she will always make troubles with you?

101. Is there any reason why you love watching zee world though you know I don’t like it?

102. How do we cope when it is time to watch football let’s assume you are my wife already?

103. Can you wash my clothes as your boyfriend to show you love me?

104. What clothing is the most expensive one you have ever worn before and how much did you buy it?

105. Tell me what influenced you to wear expensive wrist watches?

106. Why do you like the pink color? Is there any special secret behind that?

107. What really drives you crazy about me? My dresses or my dark shades?

108. Do you normally go for clubbing weekends before I met you?

109. What is your stand about women addiction to chewing gum?

110. Do you think women are just created to scream around or that’s just natural to be noticed?

111. What kind of phone would rather wish I should buy for you?

112. Have you ever bath in a bowl before? Along with who?

113. When you were small, did your mom ever bath you outside according to your history?

114. When last did you prepare food in the kitchen and what keeps you happy in cooking?

115. What subject did you dislike the most when you were in secondary school?

116. Did you encounter any annoying guy in your school days and how were you able to finally cope with him?

117. Did you participate in school Sports? Did you win or lose?

118. Who was your best female friend at the age of five?

119. Apart from me, who else can make you laugh like a newly born baby?

120. Is there anyone more gorgeous than you are at all, will you ever agree that there is someone more beautiful than you are?

121. Every woman has pride, what is your own pride? Beauty or smile?

122. Can you fix an error in your room electric appliances?

123. Who is the only person you think can add no calm you down when you are angry?

124. Have you ever regretted taking a decision before and what was the decision?

125. What is the number reason why you are always happy with me?

126. Do you have the ability to make me smile forever?

127. What do you think I should do to make you love me better?

128. Is there anything I am doing wrong which you don’t want to tell me about?

129. How do I make you happy with me all the time?

130. Can there be a reason why some people act the way they act?

131. What is the name of the football club you support and who is the best coach in the hi game of football according to you?

132. I want to know why you love doing almost all that I love doing, why?

133. Can I make you happier than this? What is your favorite perfume and how much do you think it will cost?

134. Could there be a reason why you feel like we should just be funny sometimes?

135. Why did you finally accept to be my girlfriend despite the way I suffered running after you?

136. What if I bought you a beautiful flower, will you love it so?

137. Do you still remember the names of your creams when you were 15 years old girl?

138. Has there ever been a time you feel like jumping out of your state for another for a better life

139. Who is that friend you can never forget no matter what?

140. Can you cope with a boyfriend that smokes hemp?


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