Ghanaian actors are into drinks and women, they fail to rehearse before coming on set – Blackman shots

Speaking on some of the setbacks in the movie industry, Blackman has come again with another controversial statement about Ghanaian actors.

According to the movie director,actors and actresses often fancy enjoyment than their work. They go about drinking and chasing ladies and while on set, they will be receiving calls and disrupting the job as if they are not interested.

With his new movie “The Devil’s Backyard” set to be premiered on 6th March 2019 at the Global Cinemas, the director has been on the run and finding ways to help reinstate Ghana as one of the best Africa countries to produce movies. A ticket goes Gh¢30.00

Comments from Nebu Ur’majesty also adds to this that it is difficult to get actors on set for rehearsal before main shooting. The CEO of FRANORA who is also a director lamented bitterly about this attitude.
Could this be the reason why people produce bad movies?

Watch a trailer below. The Devils’ backyard

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