Ghazaly nominated for “Person of the Year” in Africa


Mr. Hassan Ghazaly -Founder of the African Youth Bureau within the Ministry of Youth and Vice-President of the Pan African Youth Union- has been nominated for the title of “Person of the Year” by Young Politicians and Leaders Foundation among a number of effective leaders, at the continental level. He was selected based on his achievements and accomplishments as a young leader working in the area of African youth with grassroots at the national, regional and continental levels; in addition to his work in building the capacity of African youth and supporting the AU’s Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

In this regard, the African Youth Bureau is calling you to vote and support the General Coordinator and Founder of the African Youth Bureau, Mr. Hassan Ghazaly, to win the title of “Person of the Year”.

In this context, Ghazaly will compete with five candidates for the title, most notably Aya Chebbi from Tunisia, African Union Youth Envoy, and young athlete Kastar Seminia from South Africa.

The Awards, presented by the Young Politicians and Leaders Network, aim to recognize the success of the change-makers in Africa in order to encourage them by giving them the opportunity to gain valuable experience and a well-deserved appreciation of their aspirations, and national and global excellence. The candidates will be competing for other several Awards, namely: (Entertainer of the Year – Entrepreneur of the Year – Future Leader of the Year – Female Politician of the Year – Male Politician of the Year – Policy Advocate of the Year – and Person of the Year), and the Awards will be presented during the Young African Leaders Summit 2019, that will be held in Ghana.

The winning candidate will be chosen based on the results of an open direct vote on the website of the Young African Leaders Summit ( The voting closes on October 15, noting that the number of votes so far has reached 4230 on the title of Person of the Year.

Voting process :

1- Click on the following link

Voting Page

2- Scroll down to the category of “Person of the Year”, and then click on “Hassan Ali Ghazaly”

N.B. If you find that the website is down (due to the high number of voters trying to access the website at once), kindly try again later.

We are awaiting for your support and encouragement. If you vote for our candidate, kindly share the text of publicity and voting mechanism on your social media.

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