GUPS president celebrates Ahmed Bening,Deputy Secretary-General of PYU

How many candles should be put on your cake? How about three, one for yesterday, one for today, and one for tomorrow. You are not just a friend to us. You have become closer to us like a family. We are so lucky that we have known you for a few years…….

Been the General Secretary of Pan Africa Youth Union comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have proven that you are a true leader through your dedication and selfless attitude towards each person. On this your special day,the entire student populace is raising their voice to sing “Happy birthday to you”.

On a post cited on Facebook,the president of Ghana Union of Professional Students (GUPS), Mr. Justice Aboagye Sarpong expressed his love for you and admire your personality. The president on behalf of all Ghanaian students wishes you nothing but the best.

Mr. Bening Ahmed, we wish you a happy birthday and pray that this new age will be a blessing to everyone and ask for strength for you during the difficult times.


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