How a former management member of Hearts of Oak allegedly defrauded Mohammed Polo of $150,000

Ghanaian football legend Mohammed Polo has revealed how a former management of Hearts of Oak allegedly defrauded him of $150,000.

Polo alleges in a GhanaWeb interview that he gave the said amount of money to Eddie Palmer of Hearts of Oak on the condition that he will invest on his behalf.

Polo says he had no reason to doubt him as the man had amassed some wealth over the years and had a fleet of companies under his watch.

But it turned out that he was wrong, as Eddie Palmer allegedly failed to make the said investments and also repay the money.

Polo accrued the money from his brief stint in the United Arab Emirates where he played for a little over two years.

The legend is filled with pride as he recounts the treatment he received in the Gulf country.

“I made $150,000 because I played for two years. I went there without a transfer certificate so I could come back and play for Hearts. I was becoming popular there because they couldn’t imagine my type of player. I even played under injury.

“They took me to Germany and Czechoslovakia to treat my injury but they realized it was chronic. I was becoming a hot cake and they wanted me to stay so I demanded my transfer fee. They asked how much I wanted and I told them $50,000 so they gave me $100,000.”

“One of the management members of the team, Eddie Parmer, took all the money because I wanted to invest through him. I had trust in him because we had a relationship. I gave him 150,000 dollars and he took it. I took him to court and the court gave me judgement but he couldn’t pay,” he said.

Eddie Palmer is not the only man who allegedly preyed on the ignorance of Polo. One Dr Ibrahim also did the same to the ‘Dribbling Magician’.

“There is one Dr Abubakari Ibrahim who stays in London and a younger brother of a minister during Rawlings’ time who took my money. He lured me into buying a house in London and because I trusted him and was not stable then, I trusted him, not knowing it was a prank.

“I went there and he told me he has bought the house so I gave him an authority. Unknowing to me, he registered the house in his name. I had to chase this man to get a judgment in London. He sold the house but did not give me the money.

“The judgment debt was $51,000 so he could have given me my money. He could have sold the house more than that price. I was chasing him and he ran back home. I took the case to Ghana court and got a judgement. Till today, we are still on the judgement,” he lamented.

The Hearts of Oak legend says he is going to petition the president to humbly seek help in retrieving the said cash.

“He is there and has bought properties. They should seize his properties. I’m going to see the head of state for help and I know he’ll help me,” he said.


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