How To View Someone’s WhatsApp Status Secretly

You are able to examine such statuses without being considered one of the “stalkers” who are viewing them. I use this to get information from people who thinks I don’t watch their status.

1. Make sure the WhatsApp setting for privacy is turned on. You may disable “Read receipts” by going into the settings, selecting “Accounts,” then “Privacy,” and then unchecking the box next to “Read receipts.”
The fact that you will be able to check the other person’s status without being included to the stalkers list is offset by the fact that there is a catch. If you update your status, you, too, will be unable to view the people who are now viewing it. Given that we all want to be able to see how many people check on us, you will always have 0 Views, which is not something that I believe you will be comfortable with.

This also means that you won’t be able to see blue checkmarks in the messages sent to you via WhatsApp. Whether or not the message has been read, its appearance will stay unchanged and be a dull gray tone. You will not be able to determine if the person ignoring you is doing it intentionally or not.
If you dread choosing this path. There is an alternative.

2. Check the status through your phone storage.
On Android phones, WhatsApp will covertly save your status updates to the phone’s internal storage. Look for the media folder whenever you access the WhatsApp folder on your phone. In your list, you will see that there is a new folder labeled “.statuses.” When you open it, you will see that all of the status updates from your contacts have been saved in your phone.

The only catch is that you won’t be able to see who updated their status, thus you won’t be able to find out who did it. But at least you’ll be able to view every photo or video that someone posts as a status update.
If you do not see this folder, open your file manager, navigate to the options menu, and make sure the option to reveal hidden files is selected. The folder will become visible.
All of this because you don’t want to show up on the list of people who have viewed someone’s status.


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