Husband Caught Wife Promising Three Rounds To A Manager

You would assume that people would offer people employment properly and not have to force them to give them favors in exchange, but this is not the case in many African countries jobs.

It is very clear that some job managers are taking advantage of the unemployed citizens of this country and asking them for favours in exchange for jobs.



Which is very bad because people are left destitute and need the jobs that are being offered, but these jobs are being offered at a very high price, because if you look at this picture, it is a married woman who wants a job and there is no joy in giving favors in order to obtain a job.

The manager is also taking advantage of the situation, which is seen as immoral, especially because many people lost their jobs during the lockdown and are desperate for work, so they would do anything to put food on the table.

A married woman promised a Manager of 3 rounds in bed in exchange for a job.This convention happened secretly on the phone of the wife.But the husband found the chats when the wife left to the washroom.The read the message and was shocked of what he saw.




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