‘I Don’t Feel Guilty Acting P*rn’ – P*rn Actress reveals


‘I Don’t Feel Guilty Acting Porn’, Says Afro Candy

Nigerian porn star, Judith  Mazagwu popularly known as Afro Candy has said she feels no regret whatsoever joining the adult movie industry in the United States, as it pays her bills and she finds fulfillment doing what she loves.

In an interview with Vanguard news, the porn star stated she is not just a porn star but a mother, an entrepreneur and an actress.

Afro Candy said when she started as an actress in Nollywood she was timid and avoided sex scenes. She said she couldn’t take off her clothes in front of the camera because she wanted to be  ‘a regular married actress.’

She also said when she moved to America, things changed.

According to her, she didn’t want to be a porn star but after she released her music video where she posed half naked, people started calling her a porn star, so she decided to be more controversial.

“I delved into music and released my first single, “Ikebe Na Money” between 2007/2008, where I was captured on camera laying on top of a guy almost naked and tongues started wagging. To cap it all, I produced my movie, “Destructive Instinct”, where I went naked. And the movie went viral on the internet because of the fact that I flaunted my boobs and was sexy. And from there, people started calling me a porn star. I said okay, since you are calling me a porn star, I am going to give you what you people want then. That was how I became a full time porn star.”


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