I married him because of his money but discovered I was rather fooled,he was poor

Money is the medium of exchange goods and services.It makes all things possible.There is nothing on this earth that money doesn’t count if you are rich and successful.If you have money people will respect you and idolized you.Those reasons made me swear that i will never marry a poor man.I truely don’t want to suffer because poverty is like a disease which i dont want to contact.

I set my standards for marriage which i think i was not wrong because its not bad to want to have the good benefits of life. I have reached a stage that marriage is paramount in my life but my problem was that all the guys within my vicinity are just job seekers.The ones working don’t just have enough because their earnings will not take care of even my cosmetics.

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Last year ,a rich guy came my town.He was smelling all riches.I became alerted to try my luck with him.I decided to approached him and lied to him that he had a resemblance with someone a new.Suprisingly he was not hesitant when i made a move to him.He told me he wasn’t whom i know but we can be friends.Within a twinkle of an eye we started a relationship.When ever he visit me he usually came with an entourage of friends and on the name plate read his initials “JJ Holdings”.Those displays from him were the most honourable and memorable memories of our relationship together.

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Within a month he proposed and i agreed.We got married and we were supposed to travel to his home state were his multi-million naira company is situated because as he told me he was on a business trip in my state.Hmmmmnn,i even gave him 5 million naira which i gathered from my escapes with rich men over the years.I did that because his account was frozen and would reopened soon.When we arrived ,I ask him why he could not take me to his Multi-Million dollar home and to see his parents, he then told me that we need to spend a week first.After a week ,he sat me down and told me that he is an average man having a Barbing Saloon and he is also a scavenger on his leisure time.He told me the parents,cars,friends and even clothes he had were all rented because news came to them about my love for money and he decided to teach me a lesson.I lost consciousness and fainted.I am still not strong and i am yet to come to terms with my predicament that I was just fooled and my blind love for money caused my headache.


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