I never met Anas at Dubai Airport because they are criminals– Kwesi Nyantakyi

Embattled former Ghana Football Association President, Kwesi Nyantakyi has described Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ investigative firm, TigerEye PI as a “criminal organisation” which “operates like ISIS” in his first interview since being disgraced in the Number 12 exposé.

In June 2018, Nyantakyi’s world came crashing down, as Anas and his TigerEye PI team aired an explosive documentary on corruption in Ghana football.

The video captured then GFA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi accepting cash gifts from an Arab “Sheikh”, in clear breach of FIFA’s Code of Ethics.

Nyantakyi subsequently resigned all of his positions at the GFA, CAF and FIFA.

He was ultimately handed a lifetime ban from all football activities by the world football governing body, FIFA.

But Nyantakyi has now come out swinging, claiming the modus operandi of Anas’ team is akin to terrorist group ISIS.

“TigerEye is a criminal organisation. They don’t have a license to do what they are doing. They are just on a wanton infringement of the law; just banking on people’s rights; disgracing them here and there, without recourse for them to defend themselves,” he said on Oman FM on Thursday.

“If you even record somebody and you think he has done something wrong, hand him over to the relevant state institutions to deal with him. But he will do a premiering to disgrace you first.”

Nyantakyi also claimed he never met Anas in person throughout his encounter with them.

“The kind of work he does, he behaves like ISIS. You don’t meet him, you only meet one person. I met only Ahmed [late].”

“I never met Anas or any other person from his outfit. But at the end of their so-called investigation, Anas and his Tiger Eye team claim responsibility for the outcome of the investigation. You never meet them. I never met him.

“Meanwhile he claims that he did this, he did that, that he met me at Dubai Airport; I never met him, not even for a single second,” he said.

Nyantakyi also claims that throughout his encounter with the Tiger Eye PI team, he met with the late Ahmed Suale not less than 10 times.

“He was always jittery and during a 30-45 minute meeting, he would receive about 10 to 20 calls and he was had wires and earpiece sticking out of his clothes. But it never occurred to me that he was engaged in this kind of espionage.

“On one occasion, Abu [Abdullai Alhassan, NR FA Chairman] brought him to my house,” he concluded.

Ahmed was murdered last month on the streets of Accra and Anas took to social media to link his murder to the events following his Number 12 documentary.




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