I visited my wife in her office,I noticed my kids look like her colleague-Man seeks for divorce

I just visited my wife in the office and I noticed my kids looks exactly like her colleague-Man seeks Divorce

Jide is currently confused as to what to do.

He claims he went to the office of his wife and was surprised that a particular colleague of the wife looks exactly like his kids.

See story as shared by relationship expert Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

I have been married to my wife for six years.

During this period we were inseparable and we share two kids all boys together.

All this period my wife never allowed me to even know her place of work.

I have wondered why I never knew where her workplace is.

She always kept evading my queries when I try to find out.

Three days ago my wife fell into a relapse at her work station.

It was there a colleague called my number from her last dialled calls.

I hurried up to her office and met her in a terrible condition.

Now the painful aspect was they never knew she was even married in her place of work how much more having kids.

It was then I recalled that all through her pregnancy period she was always on annual leave or study leave.

Well, as if that was not worrisome enough I met her colleague who looks exactly like my two boys.

Could this be what I am thinking?

My friends say my boys belong to her colleague and I should walk out of the marriage.

Please how do I go about this?


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