John Bercow: Former Speaker of Parliament banned permanently for bullying Commons staff

The former Commons speaker, John Bercow, after allegations about him bullying the Commons staff have been proven guilty, he has been banned for life from Parliament.

Bercow has repeatedly denied the allegations against him, claiming: “I have never bullied anyone, anywhere, at any time in any way”.

An Independent Expert Panel that looked into the
former Commons speaker’s conduct states Mr Bercow “has been a serial liar” and “a serial bully”.

It adds that his behaviour “fell very far below that which public has a right to expect from any member of parliament” and that were he still a sitting MP, it would have been recommended that “he should be expelled by resolution of the House”.

“As it is, we recommend that he should never be permitted a pass to the parliamentary estate,” the report concludes.

Despite the sanctions on Bercow, he said in a statement: “…Don’t fall for the establishment spin that I have been banned for life. I can still attend debates with the help of a friendly passholder or go as a member of the public.”


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