JUST IN:NDC heavyweight “Prophet” JJ Rawlings & Dr.Segbene predicts 2020 elections outcome for NDC

PROPHET JJ Rawlings joins Dr. Segbene Xenodzi , in Ghana’s election 2020 PROPHETIC CONTEST

A few weeks ago an unprecedented Prophetic Contest between four(4) renown Prophets and the African Ghanaian Jewish Rabbi, Dr. Segbene Xenodzi was published.

According to the visions of Nigeria’s Prophet TB Joshua, Ghana’s Prophet Nigel Gaizie, Prophet Kobi Badu and an Islamic Prophet Shamuna Uztaz Jibril, John Mahama will win Ghana’s 2020 elections.

However, the African Ghanaian Jewish Rabbi, Dr Segbene Xenodzi furguson who had been very accurate in his prophetic utterances both nationally and internationally declared last year on the 3rd of November 20l8, that though John Dramani Mahama win will the 20l9 presidential delegates congress of the National democratic congress, yet the NDC, has lost Ghana’s 2020 elections with the vision of God he had received. He bemoaned a rescue mission which the NDC rejected with unbelief and as a result 2020 Lose for NDC become inevitable.

It came to pass that John Dramani Mahama won NDCs 20l9 Presidential Congress with a landslide victory exactly according to the word of the Lord that came from Dr. Segbene Xenodzi earlier last year.

There are over sixteen (l6) national and international prophesies from Dr. Segbene which manifested wonderfully including late President Mills and Barack Obama 2007 prophecy and also the state of Israel’s recent national election prophecy which manifested wonderfully.

Over the weekends, the former President JJ Rawlings says the leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is aware they cannot win the 2020 polls.

This way former president JJ Rawlings has clearly joined Dr. Segbene Xenodzi , in Ghana’s election 2020 Prophetic Contest and it’s now four(4) Prophets against two, as JJ rawlings is now considered by many to be a PROPHET in Ghana.

Addressing the party’s Cadre’s conference at Ejisu in the Ashanti region Saturday, PROPHET Rawlings claimed some people have bought leadership positions in the party when they know they cannot win the elections next year.

“For a Cadres meeting to be taking place, if we cannot do a serious indent examination of our strength and weakness then it is not a real Cadres meeting. It’s nice to hear your determination towards 2020 victory, and yes there are some among us in the leadership who initially didn’t think after four years you can wrestle power from this people. And yet, if I may speak frankly, have gone ahead and almost purchased the power of this party into the pocket and claiming to be aiming into 2020 when I know and some of you should know that their aim is not really towards 2020.

“Because it is not easy to wrestle power from this people in their so called mid-term strike but that natural drift could, may and will come possibly after 8 years. Meanwhile, you have secured 2020 out of the way for yourself, so you will be there knowing down well that you are just using it as a transit when you know 2024 is your target,” PROPHET Rawlings said.

PROPHET JJ Rawlings urged the party to stop abusing elders in the country while preparing to face elections.

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