Kamala Harris touched down in Romania to inspirit US allies over Russia’s threats

U.S Vice President Kamala Harris on her new push to reassure and encourage all NATO allies about Russia’s threatening actions, arrives in Romania, a country that lies at NATO’s eastern edge on Friday with her message.

Harris explained that reaffirming the relationship between US, Romania and NATO was the reason for her trip, which is the highest-ranking visit to the region since the war in Ukraine began.

“…That is why I am here,” she said. “To reaffirm our commitment to this partnership, to the friendship and also to the NATO alliance as a whole and everything that the United States has been and is prepared to do going forward, it terms of the strength of that relationship and its endurance.” she stressed.

The Vice President’s trip has been one of her diplomatic duties the west and it’s allies are counting on to forcefully confront Russian President Vladimir Putin for launching the largest ground invasion in Europe since World War II

Earlier, President Joe Biden has already dispatched 1,000 troops to Romania and pledged support for the country as it accommodates a major influx of migrants fleeing the war next door. But a visit by his number two is meant to demonstrate American commitment at a deeply uncertain moment for the region.


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