Kasoa: ‘1000times’ a young boy accused of stealing “Nkyinam” (fried fish)

Kasoa: A ‘1000times’ a young boy accused of stealing “Nkyinam” (fried fish)

Exactly 2pm on Sunday 26th January 2019, a young boy with the name unknown was accused again of stealing ‘Nkyinam’.

A young man who caught the guy in action recounted the previous occasions that the boy has been doing it. He stated that is been a 1000times he has been stealing ‘Nkyinam’. Today I want to stop the ‘Party’ because , it has to be ‘Menewa’.

Further investigation has revealed that these two people were speaking in parables and only in languages understood by them.

Upon seeking clarification, an insider revealed that ‘Nkyinam‘ is a song yet to be released by one young Dancehall artist by name Euni Melo.

Meanwhile, Queen Haizel is also releasing her new song under her new management titled 1000times. The Central Music Awards female vocalist of the year posted on her timeline that a fan dared her to release 1000times.

On the other hand, the suicide love hit maker Tyra Meek also joins with her new jam ‘Menewaa‘.

And finally,the ‘Party‘ is going down and our guest of honor is Lipssy Brew. The young lady is also set to release something good for the fans titled ‘Party’.


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