Key settings on your smart phone you should know

There are some who use the android phones without even knowing some of the things that the phone can probably do. In fact there are certain secret settings on the android phone that you never knew they were there.

Here are some secret settings you can do on your smart phone or android phone:

•   Using your head movements to control your phone

The movements of your head can be used to control your phone especially when the hands are busy or involved in something. Most people are addicted to their smart phones and can never live for a moment without using their smart or android phones. All you need to do to use this feature is to install an app called EVA facial mouse. After installing this app, you can be able to use your head movements to operate your phone without touching it.

•   Text to speech

Most people find reading articles or texts on phones very difficult especially when they are engaged in certain things. Some even complain about the time spent in reading while there are other things to do. Some also just want to hear the sound instead of reading or seeing with their eyes. So if you want to hear any information coming through your phone rather than seeing it, then do this:

1.   Go to settings on your phone

2.   Go to accessibility

3.   Turn on the text to speech option



•   Remote control

There are so many times people misplace their smart phones or some even get stolen. If you want to locate your phone Incase it gets missing and block it without losing any data on your phone, just do this:

1.   Go to settings

2.   Go to security

3.   Go to device administrators

4.   Check the box closer to android device manager

5.   Allow remote or find my device

   Turn on Guest Mode

Are you always afraid of giving your phone to another person because of some confidential information on it? Then you will have to use guest mode whenever you are giving your phone out. Here’s the process:

1.   Use your two fingers to swipe down from the top with two fingers

2.   Tap the user icon and some icons or options will appear.



3.   Tap on the guest mode icon or option. With this, you can do some settings within this in order to allow which actions you want other users to be limited to

•   Screen Magnifier

There are people who have poor eyesight and these people always have to use their glasses or lenses before they can use the phone. Without spectacles, they really struggle by some even drawing the phone closer to their eyes so they can see what’s on the phone. To avoid all these, just:

1.   Go to settings

2.   Go to accessibility

3.   Go to magnification gestures

With this, you can zoom any part of the phone by just tapping on it.

•   Hotspot

Quite a number of people know about this feature. There are times you would like to connect other devices other than your phone to the internet. This feature will save you loads of money which you may use to get a router or even a modem. You can easily connect your phone’s internet to your laptop.

1.   Go to settings

2.   Go to tethering

3.   Go to portable hotspot and turn it on

You can limit this feature to yourself by putting a password on the hotspot feature to prevent other people from getting access to your internet. You can also swipe down the notification bar from the top and most android phones have a shortcut hotspot icon there which you can switch it on.

•   Saving your battery power

Android or smart phones have a lot of features but due to constant activities on the phone, the batteries mostly drain up quickly. Just keep a black background theme for your phone and the automatic lighting on your phone will switch on thereby allowing your battery to last long. However, some android phones do not have this feature.

•   Secret Game

Google has placed a secret game on new android versions such as android 2.3 gingerbread. To play this game,

1.   Go to settings

2.   Choose about phone

3.   Quickly tap android version several times until and when a small icon shows on the screen, quickly tap on it to enjoy the game


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