Kumasi:Aseidu Nketia Flee As NDC Hawks Attack Regional Office

Report received from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of the Ashanti Regional capital Kumasi shows that one person has been shot dead by an NDC vigilante group known as NDC hawks.


The sudden shooting by the NDC Hawks is said to have scared many people around and in the office to run for their lives including Asiedu Nketia.


Adom Online report that the deceased was shot three times in the abdomen leading to his death. Not long ago,the country witnessed shooting by some vigilante group in mask believed to be working for the ruling government. The incident has then continued to be a national issue with Former president Mahama emphasizing that the NDC will match the NPP “boot for boot” in the 2020 election.


Scholars are agitating that various political parties should dissolve these vigilante groups but government is yet to come to a consensus. Are we going to witness more killings because of power? Leave your comments below.



Tutua Jacklyn

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