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Lady poison her best friend because of her boyfriend

The increase rate of jealousy among the youth in recent times is hard to fathom. While others are busily cheating on their partners, others are sending them to Juju.

In Nigeria, a restaurant owner(name withheld) was poisoned by her own best friend for her to have access of her man. According to our investigation, the lady was given slow poison about 6 months ago only to passed out few days ago. This has caused a severe pain among her cherished friends in Nigeria.

Not long ago, social media was campaigning to end rape now as most of them feel men are taking advantage of them too much after one young lady by name Uwa was raped and murdered when she was learning at their church premises.

But this news of hatred towards one another after a person finds true love is unimaginable. A lot of young ladies destroy their relationship but get jealous when their friend is doing well in their relationship. The police are yet to pick up the lady in question to investigate the matter for justice. This is totally unacceptable

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