Latest Whatsapp tricks you probably don’t know

WhatsApp introduces a lot of features. Now you’re not limited to boring text you can even do a lot of things on the platform. WhatsApp is the largest and most popular application on the planet.

If you’re still not using it then make sure to start using the platform now. It’s not even good for connecting people personally even you can connect people professionally.

I’ll give you some of the best WhatsApp tricks and hacks that you mat probably don’t know.

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1. Read the deleted messages on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp has a feature to delete for everyone. When someone sends you a message and suddenly they delete the message then how you’ll view these images? I have a solution for that.

Make sure to install the application and once the application will download make sure to install and start using it.

2. Read WhatsApp messages without notifying with bluetick:

Make sure to disable the read receipt option if you don’t want to notify that you had read their messages.

You can also use one more trick. Once you’ll receive the messages make sure to turn off the data and once the data will turn off make sure to enable the flight mode and then try to read the messages once the message will read make sure to on data and move on.

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