#Lighthouse: Dag Heward-Mills Reportedly Forces Bishops to Pay Him $1,000 on their Birthday

 Heward-Mills Reportedly Forces Bishops to Pay Him $1,000 on their Birthday and Ghc 1,000 on His Birthday – More Revelations Drop

The revelations just keep dropping.

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills of the Lighthouse Chapel International has allegedly been forcing bishops of the church to ‘pay’ him $1,000 every time they celebrate their birthdays and Ghc 1,000 everytime he celebrates his birthday.

In a report by the Fourth Estate, the new investigative journalism website run by Manasseh Azure, the pastors reveal the abuse and exploitation they suffered from the church which has led them to their current state of dragging the church to court.

According to Bishop Emmanuel Oko Mensah and Bishop Larry Odonkor, bishops in the church were encouraged, aka forced, to pay $1,000 to the mother church everytime they celebrated their birthdays.

Imagine every time your birthday comes around, you have to start sweating looking for $1,000 to give to your senior most pastor and mentor.

As the Fourth Estate notes: “Bishop Emmanuel Oko Mensah, who became a bishop in 2017, said his birthday became a headache because it came with a debt. On any of the over 100 bishops’ birthdays, they were asked to give $1,000, Bishop Oko Mensah said. Bishop Larry Odonkor confirmed that on his own birthday he also gave $1,000 to the founder,”



Additionally, pastors also had to pay Ghc 1,000 to Dag on his birthday!

This is double fraud! A bit like when MTN charges a customer to send MoMo and also charges the receiver to withdraw that same MoMo!

According to the Bishops, this arrangement turned them into exclusive beggars always looking for money and whenever their birthdays came around, it was a cause of headache.


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